Foundation Overview

Several months after we lost David in 2001, we began acting on our promise to create something in his memory. From my long association with the Island Recreation Association and executive director Frank Soule came the concept of producing a Festival of outdoor activities. We started with kayaking and have subsequently added tennis, golf, fishing, and bocce. The objective from the beginning has been two fold – host events that celebrate the outdoors and recreation and in so doing raise money in support of recreation, cancer patient support and cancer research.

The support we have received from the community of Hilton Head has been entirely gratifying. As we approach our 8th annual event we have raised over $200,000 and have donated to all our beneficiaries; the Island Recreation Association Scholarship Endowment Fund, The American Cancer Society, and the M D Anderson Cancer Clinic. We think David would be proud of our efforts/results to date.

Foundation Officers:

Board of Directors:


As a non-profit organization conduct appropriate solicitation and fund raising activities in support of cancer research, cancer patient support and public recreation.


Your time is also valuable to us and the David M. Carmines Foundation depends on volunteers like you to help make a difference.

For more information about volunteering to the David M. Carmines Foundation, please email